Location: Dallas TX or Atlanta GA
Contract: Long term.

send resumes to resume@msysinc.com

Scope of Work Summary:

Detailed Design:

  • LCP/DCP component modifications (impact on version change and diminished footprint)
  • Open Stack API extensions & enhancements
  • Networking connectivity between LCP and DCP
  • Networking and Integration between LCP/DCP and A&AI


  • SDN Controller Integration
  • SDN Controller Plug-in (s) for LAN configuration
  • VMware plug-in for Instance creation
  • Open Stack API : Tenant Metadata Enhancements (get Tenant By Metadata)
  • Open Stack Nova Server Affinity for vPE creation
  • Open Stack DPDK configuration KVM
  • Heat Template Definition (vCE,/vPE life cycle)
  • Alternative KVM, ESXi and TOA configuration – RO driven
  • Ice House implementation of CCP with new physical/ network footprint
  • Rework of Chef Cookbooks to support the AIC configuration for LCP/DCP and AIC networking
  • Ongoing production Tier 3/4 support and maintenance
  • OpenStack Neutron – knowledge specifically in Icehouse & Juno releases
  • Open vSwitch
  • NFV
  • SDN
  • MPLS
  • BUM – Broadcast / Unicast / Multicast
  • Linux Kernel Networking Internals
  • Documented experience contributing code to the OpenSource OpenStack Community projects